Preferred Vendors

Arthur Apple –  National expert on 60s Lincolns, providing parts, mechanical repair services, and expert top system and window system work.  Denver, Colorado.
+1 (303) 229-1479

John Cashman – National expert in top and window systems. Will come to your location and completely fix your top, window switches, rear door auto-drop, etc.
813 390-1950 

Hydro-E-Lectric–  Convertible top pumps, hoses, hydraulic cylinders, fittings, etc for Lincolns and T-Birds and all other convertibles.
+1 (800) 343-4261

Lincoln Land, Inc.-  Full service including new and used arts, restoration, mechanical, tops, windows etc.
+1 (888) 546-2727

Lincoln Mercury Old Parts Store– Full line of parts.
+1 (727) 445-1091

Classique Cars Unlimited–  Full line of new and used parts for Lincolns and T-Birds.
+1 (601) 758-3357

Jim Wallace / Leather Restorations–  The best upholstery, carpets and trunk liners for 60’s Lincolns.
+1 (727) 525-5523

Thomas Cary– Used parts for 60’s Lincolns
+1 (909) 883-4235

Mark II Enterprises / Jack Rosen Full line of new and used parts for 50’s, 60’s and 70’s Lincolns.
+1 (800) 576-2752

The Birds Nest–  Full line of new and used parts for Ford Thunderbirds.
+1 (971) 233-9000

Well connected within the Lincoln community. If we don’t have it, we will tell you who does.


Brewer Classic Lincoln

John Brewer
1366 S. Monroe St., Denver, CO 80210
+1 (303) 562-8368